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Okay, I feel like a total ass and I've avoided asking this because I don't wanna get roasted lol. I swapped over too all hard piping at the same time I did my HG. So, somewhere along the road the boost gauge got disconnected and I have no idea where either end is, or whether it's mechanical or electronic. I searched, but evidently no one else has been lame enough to ask the question before or I'm just too lame to find it.

Help please? lol

Also, would this need to be hooked up for the ECU to operate properly? The car won't idle and I haven't been able to find any vacuum leaks so far.

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There is a small black plastic sensor on the drivers side of the engine bay on the fender that says "pressure sensor" or something similar and has a vacuum line coming off and an electrical connector. The stock gauge (while inaccurate) is electric. Plug that vacuum line into the back of the intake manifold, small nipple, right under where the brake booster line is. The gauge electrical connector is in the dash. And no, you do not need that to run, mine has been disconnected for years and I have a mechanical gauge in it's place.

Happy hunting. :)

and p.s. there was JUST a thread about where this hose goes like 3 days ago lol, I even answered that one too...
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