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Stock bov in or out?????????????

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I put in a HKS SS BOV welded on a hard pipe above the filter, i was told that u should take out the stock BOV, and it will be louder as well. IS this true? Should i leave the stock BOV in or take it out?
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I have my HKS SS BOV welded to the hardpipe as well. I was having problems with stalling out at lower RPM's when I took the stock BOV off. I put it back on a couple days ago and no more stalling!
I mounted mine in the stock stalling, no wierd idle....nothing, just nice loud blow off! :D Now I have seen someone put a bov before the compressor once, of course his ran like crap, and he blew up both his turbos due to compressor surge haha, he seemed to have no idea about how these things work, he was just good at welding.:rolleyes:
Mount on the passenger side or driver's side?
the stock bov has a faster response time so i would say in. I usually hear my stock bov venting when i let off a little and the jks one did not respond.
friend of mine had the same problem, you have to adjust it a little for faster respose...but once it is adjusted it is WAY faster than stock, especially under higher boost (17-19 PSI)
See I am worried about stalling since my car is an auto.. (have to stop to restart the car) .... anyways... if I mount the BOV on the stock location, such as the BLitz dual drive, and vent it to the atm, will I have to worry about stalling... ???

I have a greddy BOV on my car and yes I do have stalling and idle problems that piss me off. If you aren't having any of those problems than keep the stock on. trust me, the bov is only slightly louder than stock. I just hate those stalling problems that come with it. that's just my 2cents.
Alpine97'TT6Spd said:
friend of mine had the same problem, you have to adjust it a little for faster respose...but once it is adjusted it is WAY faster than stock, especially under higher boost (17-19 PSI)
But if you adjust it too much in one way you will [email protected]%# up your turbo barrings and too mcuh in the other way will cause a boost leak so it seems to be hard to find that perfect spot.

By the way I have a hks BOV also and noticed it leaking a little under a boost leak test and its also mounted in the stock locastion and sometimes I notice it not opening up when in turbo transition states, around 3krpm and 4krpm if I only tap on the trottle, in sequential of course and I get a weird hesitation/light jerk!

Thats why I get frustrated though because I can't tighten it any more because its already a little laggy at those points and I do not want to loosen the spring because I already noticed it leaking in the pressure test and I don't want it to cause stall problems.

Right now I do not have stall problems but I do have a wacky idle, any suggestions?

Don't NGK 3330 cause your idle to fluctuate a little?
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I have the same BOV. I never had any problems with my car running any different. Big problem is if you have a OBDII
If you don't run your blowoff back into the system, it blows gas down your engine walls, not good. I installed a recirculating system where you can have it either way, just by turning a cock valve and opening the vent. There are some days you want to really sound good.

The hks bov works differently than most. It operates with a pull valve instead of a push. This means that tightening the bolt does nothing more than prolong when it releases. It will not seal any better. If you take it appart you will see what I mean. As for it leaking, I am not sure what would cause that. The only thing that comes to mind is the rubber seal inside of it that seperates the aluminum case from the plastic center piece.

Good luck,

If it is louder near the throttle body, then I would think it was realeasing more air. Wouldn't this save the turbo more than even having the bov right after the turbo? Wouldn't releasing the pressure right at the throttle body stop any pressure stalling the turbo?
Please tell me if I am way off here because I will soon be making this choice on my car. The other thought I had was to put one in both locations. What does everyone think?

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