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mc_h said:
12psi fuel cut is NORMAL. It depends on so many variables - I used to hit 16psi fuel cut, sometimes 11...
You may have seen gains from the IC & pipes but it's only because something was wrong before as Ang stated before. Guaranteed...Neither of those things affect power on a stock turbo at fuel cut...No way, no how. Not to mention it's not exactly 30C outside so heatsoak doesn't even begin to come into play as a possible factor...etc etc.
so you're saying that my pipes and intercooler didn't help me gain power at all?? how does that make sense?? I assure you that at every PSI it feels a lot faster then it did before with my stock pipes and intercooler. I don't even half to floor the gas pedal and it reaches 7PSI which still feels faster even at 1/2 throttle.
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