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Edit: I see noone seems to care, awsome!
Either way, damn, the car sounds like my friends 1.0 Metro :rofl:
It's extremly quiet with that exhaust on it.

Well, I'm waiting for my Exhaust parts in the mail, will be here next week, should be installed by Saturday next week.

Anyway though, I havnt really driven the car since I got it running, put maybe 5 miles on it in one little trip, just to loud with a open DP on Cali streets.

So, I just got the old rustyass Cat bolted up to the DP with no problems, so im gonna bolt on the rest of my NA Exhaust and see what it sounds like and see how it runs.

I'll get a vid up if anyone is interested in hearing a 1JZ with Trust DP and NA catback :wtflol:

Part of the reason for this is so I can drive the car on the freeway like 20 miles to the exhaust shop when im ready, dont wanna chance being pulled over.

Who says 1JZ dosnt have any Torque :rofl:

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Flea420 said:
You gotta be shittin me?
I meen really, and in Sac of all places? :bs:
He did he's a maniac.
And no, I'm not kidding.
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