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did some research and found this:
"A: MAF meters are calibrated to measure a certain amount of airflow and give these measurements to the computer in a voltage range of 0-5v. The calibrations are within a given airflow range. X air=Y voltage. If your engine is using up more air than the MAF can measure, you have pegged the MAF. 4.7 volts is about all a MAF can read properly, anything past this and the computer thinks there is a malfunction and reverts back to the MAF tables in the computer. When the MAF cannot properly measure the air, it has lost control of your fuel needs and can lead to big problems, leaning out and killing the engine is possible and likely if no steps are taken to combat this.

To cure this problem, you must either recalibrate your stock MAF for the additional airflow and injectors at Pro-M or buy an aftermarket MAF that will support your engines airflow. "

does the technical data apply to our stock MAF?
because I noticed with same amount of boost, I would run rich in 3rd gear at about 11.5:1, and after that, higher the gears go, the leaner I get as same boost.
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