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Stock MKIV #'s

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Just out of curiousity, i would like to know what a bone stock(and i mean show room stock!!!) automatic MKIV TT with 70k should put down. Thanks, this is for comparison to other jap car(i.e. RX7,300Z,VR4...) #'s that i have compiled.
Thanks all,
Josh Mallonee
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This isn't an exact answer to your question, but I put down 289whp (I forget the trq) in my 94 6spd. Bone stock down to the plugs. Miles were around 60k at the time.

I drove 30 mins to the dyno, parked for 30 seconds, and on to the dyno she went. This is with 93 octane, no ice, and NO FAN (I was annoyed at this part) on the intercooler/front of the car.


Sounds like it would be safe to say that you could have gotten 295-300rwhp with everything being perfect. Would -10rwhp at stock level from an 6-speed to an auto be safe to say?
I got 275 hp and 276 torque from mine with 107k on it. It's an auto...was bone stock and after driving for over 1.5 hours...with a slight cool down period. I probably should have about 10 more HP hidden somewhere (ie plugs/boostleak/car'sjust old) Correction factor was negliable, but it sure seemed hot to me.

I ran a 102 trap this last weekend (shitty time cause I wasn't ready for it so I am not going to post it). Then put in a BCC and pulled the VSV hose and ran a [email protected] mph which sounds more like a stock time to me...but ah well, it was more than enough to demolish the Cobra next to me : )

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