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Parts came off of my 132,000 mile 94 auto supra. Car was BPU for 12,000 miles. Car was converted to Single Turbo, and I installed a TH400 at that time. Here is what I have left from the swap. I am installing fuel system right now also. All parts are OBO. I need them moved. If you need specific pictures let me know.

Stock Shifter #1 $60 PENDING
All connectors, good condition 8/10 !

Stock Shifter #2 $20 shipped OBO
All Connectors, OK condition 5/10!

Stock TT auto Trans SOLD
(does not slip) Comes with bellhousing and "stock"stall.

Stock 550cc injectors, and Rail SOLD
(no pics still on car)

Stock fuel pump hanger with Walbro 255lph $200 shipped OBO!
(no pics still on car)

B&M Th400 Shield MAKE OFFER
SFI Manufactured Jan 98 (needs to be recert every 5 years)

Greddy Full Auto Turbo Timer SOLD
(no supra harness) 10/10 condition!

“REAL”HKS Standard 40mm wastegate SOLD
Works great, 4 bolt flange, 2 bolt dump flange.

Turbonetics T-61 SOLD
.70 a/r front cover polished.(works with 3 row piping) .68 a/r ptrim divided rear housing (coated), T4 Vband, 10k miles, Turbo may need a rebuild has minor in and out play but runs perfectly(no smoke).

Map ECU 1 ver. 2.2 SOLD
Serial #010299. Comes with Replica Fields Harneess, soldered in and working perfectly. Also there is a TTC Switch installed on the hareness. It can be uninstalled if the new owner is not on stock twins. Can seperate but would rather sell as 1 Piece.

Innovate Motorsports LC1 Wideband SOLD
with XD1 gauge. 7k miles on unit. Works Flawlessly, no scratches on gauge. 10/10 condition.
*trying to find the pics*

Stock Turbo Stuff $150 plus shipping (for all) OBO MAKE OFFERS!
I think these turbos have lower mileage than the car, they boosted perfectly and have minimal side to side play. No in and out play. I dyno'd 389/398 through an auto on pump gas, 18 psi. (BPU for 12k miles).They may have smoked, or it could have been my valve stem seals. I will sell the twins setup as a whole or for parts. Just let me know what you want, I will work with anyone on the price. Here are some pictures of the individual pieces. for it all. If someone wants something PM me!

Stock Side Mount Intercooler, $50 shipped.

Stock MAF Sesonr SOLD.
No pics yet!

Will Trade for AEM EMS 30-1100. and/or HKS DLI 2nd Ver, FJO wideband!
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