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Stock Supra Injector??

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I picked up a brand new set of Sard Racing 800cc side feed injectors recently. Apparently they can fit into the 300Z with some adapters that Sard sells. They are supposed to be a direct fit into the 1JZ and 2JZ engines. If someone can post or email me a pic of a stock 2JZ injector I would really appreciate it. I am trying to determine if they will fit before I sell them.

If everything is A-okay, they will be for sale for $550.
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Does sard sell fuel rails for the Z as well? Can you get more sets at this price or just this one?


Sard doesn't make any fuel rails for the Z. They are mainly a Toyota company. Border does make some really nice rails but you must use their fuel injectors with their rails. I am a dealer for Border so let me know if you need something from them.

Sard sells an adapter kit to bolt these injectors into the 90-93 ZTT fuel rails. The adapter kit is about $400, hence I am also selling these on for $950. This is significant because until now there has only been one aftermarket injector that would bolt into the stock Z fuel rails which is the Nismo / Apexi 555cc. If you wanted to go bigger than that you had to upgrade the fuel rails or take your chances with RC Engineering modifying your stock injectors.
That’s why I was asking; it sounded like an incredible deal. It still sounds like a really good deal compared to $1000+ for the Nismo injectors or Border injectors/rails.
Will this adapter kit work with all Supra injectors? If so you could sell 550cc kits to people for very cheap.

Thanks for the info!

I don't know. I assume that with the adapter kit they would bolt in. However the adapter kit alone is $400 - then you have to purchase some used Supra injectors - now you are almost back to the price of new Nismo's.
The injector on the right looks pretty much the same as the stock supra injectors. But I think 800 cc injectors is not something the stock rail will be able to deliver.
The lines to the rail and the rail itself are too restrictive to flow that much fuel. So you need an aftermarket rail anyways.
Just my opinion. Anyone got some real flow rate characteristics? I know people are already bypassing the pulsation damper and things.
I find it hard to believe that the lines and fuel rail won't support at least 550rwhp. Does anyone know the flow capability of the stock lines? The way I see it if you could get the stock injectors modified (or SARD injectors) to 720cc or greater and upgrade the stock pump than you should be able make 550rwhp at 80% dutycycle or less. The install would be pretty easy and the cost would be between $1,000 and $1,400 depending on what injectors and fuel pump you use. I am going to call RC fuel injection today and see what it would cost to modify some stock injectors.

Later, Steve
Where can somebody get the SARD 800cc injectors, and how much they cost, also do they fit the stock supra rail with no mods??

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