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Hey Guys I was wondering. My car is not bpu. All it has is the FFC and 12V mod. I still have the stock downpipe and exhaust.

I was driving the other day and was pulling to pass someone when I lost boost suddenly. My boost gauge will bounce up to zero but can't get any higher than that. I can hear the turbos whining but I don't get any boost. There is no smoke from the exhaust, the engine idles fine, and all the hoses and IC hoses seem to be connected tight.

I took it to a friends place where we bypassed the turbos by connecting the air filter box directly to the intercooler inlet. While I revved the engine my buddy looked at the outlet port of the turbos to see if they were spinning. They were - both 1 and 2. So the turbos are spinning but I still don't get any boost. After revving to 3-4K we checked temperatures and found something interesting. The stock downpipe and exhaust were VERY hot. We used a laser thermometer to measure the temps. I do remember a "pop" type sound before I lost boost pressure.

I think it might be a restriction in the exhaust. Maybe material from the #1 cat tore off and worked its way into #2. This would greatly reduce the flow of exhaust air out of the engine thus keeping the turbos from spinning freely. I'll take the car to the shop soon but I wanted to get your opinions. thanks..

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