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Strange Supra Problem (NEED HELP)

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I am having a very strange problem with my supra, and I can't figure it out. Hopefully someone on this board will have the answer.
My supra is automatic. While driving, freeway streets etc. the car will, feel as though it "locks up." It will not allow me to give it any throttle, as the rpms will not increase, and the car begans to slow down. This happends the most when I am changing lanes and 1 tire will hit the reflector, however it happens while just driving as well. It almost would remind you of hitting boost cut for 3+ seconds. The time that it cuts out varies. I don't believe the problem to be electrical, but will be checking all ecu wires. As far as Torque Convertor, Differential, Transmission etc., what could be causing this problem?
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Sounds like an electrical problem to me. Perhaps you have a bad connection in your knock sensor and the ECU is really retarding the timing? Just a guess as this could be any number of things.

When I was tuning my car and experienced this behavior, it was always one of two things:

1) Massive timing retard
2) Not enough fuel

I'll admit I'm clueless about the auto tranny part as I've never driven/tuned an auto car before. Anyone else have ideas?

99% sure this is electrical. What you're describing is the car dying.. does the car stall? (lose PS/electrical/etc) or just slowly lose power? If it's the latter, I'd start by looking at any and all fuel pump and ignition wiring. Almost sure that's where you'll find the problem.
here is a long shot but try disconnecting the Track connector on the throtle body.
If you have gotten a MIL, read the codes. To read MIL codes on our car, all you need is a simple 2-3" long wire to short out 2 terminals in the diagnostic port. I believe it's TE1 and E1 off the top of my head (can't remember, someone correct me if im wrong). When you short those 2 terminals and have the IG on, the MIL will flash accordingly to it's malfunction code. Nexttime the MIL comes on when you drive, pull over immediately (have a piece of wire handy) and read the code right away. Most likely you have a bad sensor that is either loose or needs to be replaced, but this problem is most definetely electrical related. Give me a call and I'll give you a hand if you need.

Good luck,

94 Metallic Gray JZA80
got similer problem i throw code 52 for front knock sensor but when i starts the car the dash lights and the idels becomes funny for sec then it goes :S what is it !?
my car did that once too, heh
but just only one time...
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