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Sub in stock Sub location.

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What size sub will fit in the stock sub location. I'm think about pulling the stock sub box out and build a new box in that loaction. Any picture will be great.

93.5 TT 6spd Hardtop
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Not enough room.
Call Larry at Sound Performance. They can make you a sub box to hold one 8" sub. There is some minor trimming of sheetmetal needed. The box is a sealed type, and it hits pretty hard if you run some good power to it. I think they sell them for around $300.
Hell, i have a box that fits in the stock location and has 2 8" JL subs in it, it sounds realy good, I will sell the whole thing for $300 with subs, it was built Earmark in Dallas.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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