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some subs are dual 4 ohms, it is posable to hook them up to 2 ohms or less?
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It is possable to run them at 2 ohms. Just hook the + from the amp to the speaker + termanal then to the + termanal on the other side of the sub and do the same for the -.. if your looking to run under 2 ohms youll need 2 subs and then just run them in parallel.
can i make it a 4ohm sub with SVC into 2ohms?
G will need 2 subs..when it comes to subs thay have resistance..4 ohms.ok.. for ever other sub you hook up it cuts the resistance in half so 2 4ohm subs = 2ohm load and so im not 100% sure but i dont think you can run 1 4ohm sub at 2ohm unless it has a option for it
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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