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hey guys!!

i just spend 2 days trying to figure out the spring mod for the stock MKIV wastegate

i did my readings and looked at the pictures, but for the life of me couldnt get the bloody thing to hold the proper amount of boost w/ my new boost cont. :urowned: - or so i thought

today, just by a bit of luck, i was reversing the direction of one of the hook ends that i had bent for the spring, and ended up breaking it off

i thought i'd be screwed due to an overly short spring, but i gave it a shot as a last ditch effort

the spring was certainly a PITA to put on now that it was much shorter than before, but this, in fact, was just what it needed!!

now my boost controller works perfectly, and i was able to boost up to 130 KPA and hold it in the 120's to redline, where before, i was unable to boost past 116 and it would die off to the high 90's

anyone that needs help putting the spring mod to work can feel free to contact me - i sure wish i had someone to turn to, and im fairly certain someone else might feel the same way!!!

and by the way - the difference is unbelievable - going to get the BKR7E's on Monday to cure the mis!! :)

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BCPR7ES are way to go on plugs....

I can imagin the diff form stock boost to 18 psi.

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