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I am going to be dialing in the car on a dynojet dyno with an O2 sniffer. Are there any suggestions on the best way?
I have a T64 with stock fuel for now, VPC, GCC. I was planning on running about 16psi at first to see where my O2's are at and am going to adjust the boost to get around 500-525rwhp depending on how my A/F is doing. I was going to dial in rich and slowly lean things out to get the A/F dialed in. Where should it be? Are there any suggestions?

Im just trying to get all the info possible because the tuner mainly deals with Mustangs etc so... Thanks!

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Hi Kevin,

im in the same boat as you :)

but heres what i got from the Main List.
PWPanas <[email protected]> wrote:
> << what kinda A/F numbers should i aim for??? >>
> Imo, ~11.8:1 @ 7000 & max boost. Keep in mind that
> most dynos put less
> of a load than street use, so tune richer than this
> on the dyno
> (~11.0:1).
> << and what kinda should my max EGT #'s be at?? >>
> EGTs not to exceed 900c (as read on 'standard'
> (GReddy, HKS, etc.
> gauge). NB: The Heraeus 6-way 'wide-band' EGT can
> 'safely' show up to
> 1000c at the collector).
> Lastly, keep in mind that tuning is a complex task.
> For example, any
> one cylinder can be far leaner than the average.
> Also, I believe that
> (based on correlating several mkiv owners'
> experiences) that the oem
> intake manifold is not flow balanced over 600rwhp.
> Phil '94F-T51R/E6K
> P.S. You need to upgrade your fuel system. Absolute
> control over boost,
> right at the edge of max power on stock fuel, is a
> nice theory but it
> often pans out with a new short block.
lemme know how it goes! im going to dyno tune with a wideband 02 soon also!

thanks. :)
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