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I am going to be dialing in the car on a dynojet dyno with an O2 sniffer. Are there any suggestions on the best way?
I have a T64 with stock fuel for now, VPC, GCC. I was planning on running about 16psi at first to see where my O2's are at and am going to adjust the boost to get around 500-525rwhp depending on how my A/F is doing. I was going to dial in rich and slowly lean things out to get the A/F dialed in. Where should it be? Are there any suggestions?

Im just trying to get all the info possible because the tuner mainly deals with Mustangs etc so... Thanks!

Hi Kevin,

im in the same boat as you :)

but heres what i got from the Main List.
PWPanas <[email protected]> wrote:
> << what kinda A/F numbers should i aim for??? >>
> Imo, ~11.8:1 @ 7000 & max boost. Keep in mind that
> most dynos put less
> of a load than street use, so tune richer than this
> on the dyno
> (~11.0:1).
> << and what kinda should my max EGT #'s be at?? >>
> EGTs not to exceed 900c (as read on 'standard'
> (GReddy, HKS, etc.
> gauge). NB: The Heraeus 6-way 'wide-band' EGT can
> 'safely' show up to
> 1000c at the collector).
> Lastly, keep in mind that tuning is a complex task.
> For example, any
> one cylinder can be far leaner than the average.
> Also, I believe that
> (based on correlating several mkiv owners'
> experiences) that the oem
> intake manifold is not flow balanced over 600rwhp.
> Phil '94F-T51R/E6K
> P.S. You need to upgrade your fuel system. Absolute
> control over boost,
> right at the edge of max power on stock fuel, is a
> nice theory but it
> often pans out with a new short block.
lemme know how it goes! im going to dyno tune with a wideband 02 soon also!

thanks. :)
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