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Dire McCain said:
Just FYI, my hands are bruised and bloody from trying to pull a wiring harness from out of the dash of an 88 non turbo auto trying to get a harness with the super monitor connection...

my 87 apparently doesn't have the connector for the super computer and I thought it would be a snap to pull one out of the JY and put it in...yeah, right.

3 hours later I was still trying to free the harness...and I never got into the engine compartment...

if I have any energy left come the weekend- and motivation- I might go finish the job...what a pain...what a pain...

(ps: I shouldn't have to tell you what I think of toyota's decision to put the super monitor connection in some vehicles and not in others...but it is not good)
werd. it's impossible to pull the SM harness itself as it's part of the body harness. on my old brown car i actually ran all the wires for the SM.....that was greeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.....
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