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Yep, he's right - TB48DE engine I think? Here's a pic or 3:

Nissan Patrol history:

Nissan Patrol History facts.

mid to late 1980's first skeletons were found in Australia (where the car is still being built today) Engine was infact a RB30E (Carb) later engine was called (TB)

Introduced to Arabia for being superior off road machine Engine first shipment had engines labeld as RB30 (for Carb) they are ultra rare here because very soon after that the car came with a TB42 engine (also Carb) during the 90's and new shape and engine came out called TB45 (4500cc Carb) and later TB45E (fuel injection only avilable for the 4 door version) All the above engines had a single cam setup.

The latest Engine is the TB48DE (duel over head cams Varible timeing called Vtech system, fuel injection) still useing cast iron blocks with aluminum heads.. the block itself looks identical to the smalled RB series engines then again it was originaly an RB.

Something I never got around doing was seeing if it was possible to match a TB42 with the RB.

Turbo convertions for the Patrol's inline 6 is very common around here U hear these stories around town where a patrol kills what ever car all the time but up to what speeds? 5300rpm is the rev limiter I am in 5th gear doing5k rpm speed is 190ish km/h.... Put a turbo and your top speed wont really change that much getting to 200km/h will only be much faster as it has alot of torque.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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