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Supra 93-98 JDM mud gaurds

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Hi everyone, does anyone have or know where to find the mud guards for the rear tire well that come on the japanese toyota supras. I saw it one time on the internet, but forgot which sight it was on. And does anyone have any pics of them. Note, it is similar to the stock trim in the rear, just a little bit extended out. If someone has them, i will be willing to buy, or let me know where i could get them thanks.
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Called "Rear pods" or "Rear skirts" over here in Australia (or "Rear Spats" in the UK), they were an option on the JDM supras (which also included the JDM side skirts). The closest you can find now are the veilside rear skirts, but they are a bit pointier

Here are the JDM ones:

And here are the veilside ones:

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Those I have seen already, there is a different set that doesnt role around the wrap around the rear end, it is very similar to the stock trim piece, but more extended out, does anyone have any pics of it, or know where i can find it, thanks
there is one rear spat made by whifbitz that looks identical to the oem ones. here it is

or you can get the ridox that looks relatively similar to the oem ones.

the veilside rears look similar but i think they are ugly and overdone... just my opinion though...
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Stock rearend FTW!!!!

possibly a top secret diffuser if you want a REALLY mean look. :p
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