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Hello, I need help from you supra folks. Does anyone have an axle laying around? I need some measurements to see if it can clear the hubs on my mr2.

Use supra spindle to extend it from the hub to allow space for the drum brakes. The mr2 lacks a real hand brake and hinders the chances of putting any BBK.

-Supra MKIV axle seems to be too wide to fit on the mr2 hub
-Supra MKIII axle comes with abs ring? For the future when I install ABS on mine

Mr2 Rear hub + Bearing
Supra MKIV knuckle/spindle
Supra MKIII/MR2 MKII axle hybrid

Also if there is interest i can try designing a bbk for the mkIII if i can get some measurements of the hub

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A) 32.5mm

B) 63mm

C) 78mm

D) 96mm

E) 105mm

F) 66mm

These are going into a gen2 (sw20), originaly i was going to use the mkiv axles but the abs ring area and throughout were to wide to fit behind the hub. interesting thing is they share the same bearing specs. Now i have to see if i can mate the axles
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