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I am putting together a Supra BBQ-Dyno-Meat on August 28, from 9:00AM to 6:00 pm at FSR. In order for this meat to take place, I am asking all Supra-freaks to donate $20. The first 15 Supra-freaks to donate $20 will get to dyno run their car, each owner will get 3 dyno runs. Even if you don't intend to dyno run, please donate. To make sure there is enough food for everyone, sign up, doesn't matter if you are participating in dyno-run or show.

All donations will be used towards the BBQ. Deadline for donations is August 1. This is a run what you brung BBQ-Dyno-Meat! This is not a dyno-challenge. Not a dyno-competition. There will be no dyno-tuning. Dyno runs are for all Supras: turbo, non-turbo, stock, mild, and wild, MKIV, MKIII, MKII, MKI.

If I don’t receive 15 donations by August 1, I will return all donations. We could still have a meat, but it will be BYO-BBQ.

(FYI, this is a non-profit event. I’m unaffiliated with FSR. As a show of good will to the local Supra community, FSR will be charging neither for the use of their facility nor dyno runs. FSR address: 5512 Arrow Hwy Unit D Montclair, CA 91763. Their website

All donations foward to PayPal account: [email protected]
In the Subject: Supra BBQ-Dyno Meat Donation <put Dyno or put Show>.
In the Note: Your screen name.
Important part here, REMEMBER, to avoid PayPal fees when sending the donation, send it as a GIFT or PAYMENT OWED under the "Personal" tab, otherwise PayPal will charge fees.

Dyno-Run Participants: :bigthumb:
01) Daves2JZGTE Donation Received
02) Tye-bo Donation Recieved
03) FLZ_Boy Donation Received
04) Alpine2JZ Donation Received
05) JillA70 Donation Received
06) sti294mk4 Donation Received
07) k1champ Donation Received
08) jayza Donation Received
09) SupraGuy917 Donation Received
10) RockonSupra Donation Received
11) akeosh Donation Received
12) grosssupra Donation Received
13) BMX MOE Donation Received
14) rodel Donation Received

Stand-By Dyno-Run Participant:
01) Malibyte Donation Received
02) tmccann Donation Received

Main List (Dyno-Run & Show):
01) Dmont0446
02) RockonSupra ---- Donation Received
03) Alpine2JZ +1 ---- Donation Received
04) Da BlaCkMoBiLe
05) rodel ---- Donation Received
06) BMX MOE ---- Donation Received
07) FLZ_Boy ---- Donation Received
08) tmccann ---- Donation Received
09) chopstickz
10) JillA70 ---- Donation Received
11) Nick Stonawsk
12) SupraMatt96
13) akeosh ---- Donation Received
14) badsupra
15) Daves2JZGTE ---- Donation Received
16) SupraGuy917 --- Donation Received
17) 88yoda
18) Malibyte ---- Donation Received
19) sti294mk4 ---- Donation Received
20) k1champ ---- Donation Received
21) alvee +1
22) Puerto +1
23) speedracer
24) jayza +1.5 ---- Donation Received
25) Rhg32 ---- Donation Received
26) DaveT ---- Donation Received
27) grosssupra ---- Donation Received
28) tical +1 ---- Donation Received
29) supra lover ---- Donation Received
30) Tye-bo ---- Donation Received

02) johno86

One Slow Supra
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I am fucking down! Put me in for $20
Brendan, FSR said you can't take your car to their dyno
Roy, you know I'm going for sure...haha

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My car was dynoed today (& tuned) @FSR. Bastards.

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List has been updated.

BMX MOE: If I'm NA-T by that time, then put me on the dyno list! haha
Doesn't matter if your turbo/non-turbo stock/mild/wild, I need to know if you want to dyno run....yes or no? So let me know.

FLZ_Boy: My car was dynoed today (& tuned) @FSR. Bastards.
lol...I know your quite busy, do you think you'll be able to come out? If yes I'll add you to the attending list.

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3 dyno runs and BBQ for $20?

Not sure if I'm gonna dyno, but I'll be donating $20 anyways for the BBQ. Just in-case I feel like dyno running that day.

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i would like to go but my supra's abs has an issue and will be installing ls400 bbk.
can i bring my corolla instead? I have been curious how fsr facility is i have heard about them for a long time and its time to check them out
i would really like to know how much my corolla is pushing hp so far...

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I should be able to make it. I have a surprise for the NA pissing contest. :wackit:

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I'll chip in. Hopefully dyno. I really hope FSR has the time to do a little work on my car by then...
You have from now till August 27, gives you 58 days straight to finish ^_^

i would like to go but my supra's abs has an issue and will be installing ls400 bbk.
Fred Flinstone didn't have ABS and he did okay...expecting to see your SUPRA

Are non supras allowed to dyno? I got a 2jzgte powered 1994 lexus gs300.
My first answer would be no, but if by August 1 I don't have 15 Supras on the list for dyno run. Then I will open the dyno to other cars.

Definitely come out bernard
Hey chopstickz do I put you down as spectator? ^_^

I should be able to make it. I have a surprise for the NA pissing contest.
Awesome FLZ_Boy, can't have LRG SOUP hog all the glory :lol:
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