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This site has a calculator to measure bias, CG etc. Tons of stuff and valuable info if you're into that sort of thing.
Below are the base measurements I have

It would be interesting to see the differences in braking performance for say a Supra, 300zx and R35

Supra piston sizes are Front 42.8mm X 4 / Rear 40.8mm X 2. 323x30 Front Rotor / 324x16 Rear Rotor, 26.9mm bmc

300zx Piston sizes are Front 40.45mm X 4 / Rear 38.1mm X 2. 280x30 front / 298x30 rear , 26.9mm bmc

GTR piston sizes are Front 36mm x 2/ 34mm x 2/30mm x 2 / Rear 30mm x 4 . 380x34 front / 380x30 rear, Couldnt find bmc size


Go crazy guys.
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