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I was wondering how good the stock TT brakes are and at what HP levels they should be upgraded. What modifications are usually done or needed with BPU zones or mild single turbo set up. Are stock brakes with stainless steel lines, hawks pads and upgraded fluid enough?

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The Supra has good stock brakes. From the standpoint of simply stopping the car there is no functional need for aftermarket brakes on the street or drag strip. Once you start running somewhat hard on a road course you can see benefit from a good aftermarket setup. Some well-configured aftermarket brakes can provide a little better modulation and control, but BEWARE of people telling you that this or that aftermarket brake setup stops much faster/shorter in the occastional panic stop or pretty much any circumstance other than REPEATED hard braking. So long as the brakes can put the vehicle instantly into ABS (which the stockers can EASILY do unless they've been screwed up somehow) it's the TIRES (and to a lesser extent, suspension) that determine actual stopping distances. If the brakes can demand all the tires can deliver in terms of traction, bigger brakes will not stop the car faster. Also, lots of cars that have "aftermarket brakes" that are simply bolted on without any setup or attention to proportioning actually perform WORSE than stock brakes that are in good condition.
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