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supra car cover?

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where can i get the best supra car cover?
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California car cover is a great option.
where can i find that?
California car cover is a great option.
which material?
depends whats your needs of the cover? Is it only for inside the garage or is it for outdoors? Theres a 800 # to call that can help, very helpful sales people. I ended up getting the "Noah" style because when i drive it to work it sits outside under the sun or else i would've just gone with the "Dustop" for inside the garage. has a great selection. I have the evo4 cover, very nice. The weathershield HD is the most waterproof, but it is a little scratchy. I use two covers to prevent the scratches, evo4 underneath the weathershield. This combo, is almost completely waterproof, yet provides adequate ventilation.
Our Advance auto parts store offers one for $200 it think its from Toyota , it has the mirrors and spoiler made into it ..
What do you guys recommend for a black supra? I heard your not supposed to get a car cover for black cars because of scratches, etc... I have to leave mine in the hot Arizona sun everyday and it collects a bunch of dust, would adding a car cover scratch up the paint from the dust?
Only use covers when the car is clean, kept clean, or only has film and not dust and dirt.

I've used calcarcover for years now and the Superweave is the best indoor/outdoor cover, light weight, washable, water proof. The problem is that after 2-3 years the UV will take its toll and discolor the grey to a greyish-pink and if you try to use a dryer to dry it after washing it with no detergent, it will ruin the cover.

To maintain the cover, you need to rinse it out throughly every 2-3 months and dry it on the car to maintain the cover.

I used to be in the detailing business and to say that I was fussy with the cosmetic appearance of my cars is an understatement. If I went through a puddle, I would pull over and wipe the water and mud off and then continue driving. Or wipe the car down when I arrived at my destination before I covered it.

I highly recommend the heavy duty version of the Superweave. It's a weathershield fabric and/or made by Nextec. The heavy duty version is more expensive but will give you an extra year or two if used primarily outdoors.

The advantage of going through calcarcover is that I've warrantied two covers just from using the crap out of them for my daily driver by using them up after 3 years. Kept indoors often, it will last several more years (5-6 total).
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what's the best price for the weather proof cover?
Calcarcover is more expensive but they stand behind the cover 200% if anything happens to it in the first few years, they just exchange it for a new one. They also make sure it's custom fit and will take measurements if they have to. Buying online is cheaper but you will have a harder time having it repaired if an animal shreds it or if you think something is beyond normal wear and covered under warranty. Buying locally is an easy way to go in later and say "Fix it" and get it back a week and a half later like new.

Water beads off better than a duck's back. If it got rained on, stand as far back as you can because when you lift it, the water beads right off and onto your feet. If a bird leaves you a present or two and it bakes in the sun all day, give the cover a sharp SNAP up and down while standing behind it and the presents fly off in their entirety.

Weathershield HD is the best cover I've ever found, but the cost stings regardless where you get it. :) Google up "Weathershield HD" and you'll have a dozen online vendors come up right away.
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Costco has one I'll get the brand name for it I have one, only 35 bucks.
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