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Supra Cost Questions

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Im thinking about selling my car in the sig due to the fact its very unreliable as far as a everyday driver goes. Im looking at buying a 1998 Supra TT (There is one forsale here locally), but I wanted to know what all it takes to make it BPU and then make it like 600rwhp+. I know Im going to have to switch Turbos. Im thinking about going with the PHR Stage 3 Turbo with a 50shot to help the turbo Spool. Would that require me to have a new bottem end. There are people on this board that have done it on a stock bottem end, but just changed cams, etc...

What Im trying to get across.. How much will it cost to make my supra fast. Begin with a BPU setup, then this summer put a new turbo on it. Im 17 right now so money comes and goes very slowly, thats why I said Ill put the Turbo on this summer because I will be 18 and waiting tables or working for my parents computer company.

Thanks for your help.
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FAST>> BPU: roughly $1,500. (Downpipe, exhaust, boost controller, intake, BCC, [boost gauge,turbo timer]) When upgrading to single turbo I would suggest talking to Larry @ Sound Performance. This will give you an idea of how much you will spend to go single and make big power.

I haven't seen/heard of many people on the forums with PHR kits. I know both PHR and SP are great companies with great products and service so I guess it is up to you who you want to go with as far as kits are concerned.

My advice. Go with the SP63 and SP fuel with either HKS or GReddy intercooler. I know one person with a 63 and hear all the time about how the SP63 is great streetable unit capable of big HP numbers. If you are looking for a BPU package, do not hesitate to contact me.
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