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Hello everyone,

I'm interested in purchasing the following Supra:

Before I fly down to pick it up, I would like to get it inspected:

Compression check
Identify leaks (oil, diff/trans fluid, etc...)
Any rust

Your basic vehicle inspection!

I need to know of a good/HONEST shop to take the Supra and give it a buyers inspection. If you know of one close, please post it here with contact info, or PM.

Thank you!


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SP Engineering is the shop to inspect this car, the only shop, IMO. Its located in the City of Industry, CA (91744). Ask for Alex Shen, owner, or Eugene Lee in the event Alex is unavailable. SPE can be contacted at (626) 333-5398. If you know Kahanu of the 808 club (Rsky on SF), both of his cars have been built/rebuilt by SPE. He can provide you another personal experience reference if you desire. Best of luck.


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Yea, Great info Ken, its a must when it comes to a car this expensive, its better to spend a few more bucks now than later when all of a sudden hidden things suddenly pop out...!!

Good Luck with the purchase, sweet ride..!!
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