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Well driving home from work one day I end up ligned up to a 325i that a kid was driving 18-20 he looks over at me and then the light turns green he squeels his tires and barks second im like wtf.Then I try and catch up as I did not know that we were racing so I turn off ac when we get to the next light again lined up im like ok ill try I rev to about 3k and drop the clutch the rear tires start grabing first left then right then both he is right ahead of me as soon as I grab second he starts falling back so I continue into about the 6k range in every gear at the end of 3rd im doing 90 and he is slowing down the race was won and he turned left as I went straight. I hate kids that race with cars that there dads baught them or gave them. Its not a nice car until its paid off or you worked for it.

1989 supra n/a targa
1988 supra turbo targa bhg
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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