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Hi guys

I build the project, designated in the title of the topic.
I made ​​the following changes:
7M-GTE Distributor
Vasted Spark coil system
2GZ-GTE Igniter
2JZ-GTE pistons and head gasket Installed
Оil nozzles installed
Garrett T60-1Installed
Siemens Deka 800 injectors installed

I removed two of the three sensors from the distributor , so I got a camshaft position sensor. 2JZ-GTE crankshaft position sensor installed on oil pump.

To control it I bought AEM 30-1010.

Now I have almost ready wiring loom, but I have a problem. 2JZ has 2 knock sensors and AEM 30-010 only supports 1. Now I have to decide how to connect a second knock sensor. Bad option - to refuse the knock sensors.

Please tell me what to do in my situation?
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