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Supra motor in Is300?

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Can anyone tell me somethings i need to know?
I have a whole supra twin turbo that i want to transplant the drivetrain into the IS300. Well i have some questions that maybe some of you gear heads :) might be able to answer

1. Does Automatic supra tranny will fit the is300
2. What rear end do i use? supra or lexus
3. can i use supra ecu?
3. does the IS300 tranny mount to the supra motor no problem?

Any help greatly appriciated
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LUCKY FOR YOU, i own a supra and an IS300 (just got my supra 3 weeks ago, VERY HAPPY).

Anywayz, i ended up giving up and getting Supra TT. What did i give up on? Putting a 2jzgte, into a IS300. To me that was the best setup. If your gonna do it yourself there are some of the issues you'll have to deal with.

One of the firsts is the crossmember, supposedly it gets in the way and has to be bent or refabbed. For the wiring it actually may be easier to use a Supra ECU. I HIGHLY doubt the engine mounts gonna be easy to do, and i dont think the is tranny will mate with the 2jzgte well, if at all. Anyways your better off using the e340 (supra tranny) then the IS300 one. EVERYBODY has been having problems getting the IS300 to shift under high boost. I would use a Supra rear end.

Powerhouse Racing supposedly has done the swap (although NO one has ever seen it, but its Powerhouse, so they know there stuff), but its only available for 5 speed IS300s.

Area 51 Fabrications/Climax Racing just finished a 2jzgte swap into an Lexus GS (auto obiously), and its supposed to run 600rwhp when tuned. I have very good relations with both Area 51 and the GS owner. So all in all, it very hard to do, but Very possible, no one has the guts, funding or drive to do it, but the first one that does...OH MAN!
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What do you mean?

EVERYBODY has been having problems getting the IS300 to shift under high boost. I would use a Supra rear end.
what do you mean? the IS tranny doesnt wanna shift ?
if a 2JZGTE can be made to work in an FD3S, it can be made to work in an IS300, all depends on how deep your pockets go...
Yeah it just takes money to do it all. PHR charges near 25K.
Over low 300 hp the IS tranny shifts, but its does not put down power consistantly and shifting is very off. Sometimes it will shift fine and sometimes it wont. Basically if you have the money, do it, becusae it will be the best setup, but it will be hard to do, and very expensive. It would be a lot easier to do with a manual trannyy
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