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:sperm: IM thinkin of buying a NA IV, since they ar echeaper, but the 2jzge engine will top out at about 550, unless for nos. Now im wondering weather i should get the NA,TT, ot just try and find the 2jzgte, and swap it into place for the NA body.
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Powerhouseracing has got alot of info on na/tt swaps. But I've heard that when you swap a 2jzge for a 2jzgte, a six speed is best to accompany it and that requires driveline and axel compents to be replaced. It gets pricey. You figure a Na might cost $5-10 grand less than a turbo but you'll end up spending just that much or more turbocharging an NA. If it's turbo you're going for just put all your eggs in one basket and but a TT. This is just an opinion from a 19 year kid that should'nt at all influence your choice. Hope that helps
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