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Hey, i've had 2 NSX's and
7 Supra's.

i am wanting to get ONE of the 2 and really
hold onto it for a long time

(been changing cars a lot recently)

I am wanting a NEAR STOCK

91-94 NSX or 93-98 Supra TT

Has anyone owned both like i have?

i just want to do this ONE LAST TIME

and i can't make up my mind because the cars are like
TOTAL opposites to me.

There are TONS of pluses for each, and not many negatives.

I LOVE the NSX Styling (exotic looking)
The HIGH redline - the smooth power - the rarity etc.

The Supra - i love the feel of the boost, i love the
turbo sound, they look and handle great too etc.

UGHHH - i know this is an Supra site, but
i want some ideas and opinions :)

(i posted this on the NSX Forum too!) :) LOL

i'm driving myself nuts and want to pull the trigger when i
find "THE CAR"

which one?

Here is a pic of one of my previous Supras (RED)
and a previous NSX (also RED for comparison)

Both are rare, great handling and driving and look GREAT!

NSX has the edge in exoticness, supra has the edge in
HP (easily modable) and NO mechanical issues with anything.



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I say the Supra. The NSX is a nice looking slow car :)

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I say supra because they are still selling the NSX without too much difference since they debut 14 yrs ago (other than bumpers, lights, tranny & hp output).

Supra is a rarity that you cannot buy brand new if you have the money. NSX can still be bought at dealerships brand new.

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MK4LIFE said:
I say the Supra. The NSX is a nice looking slow car
:agreed: X 27354

That pretty much sums up the whole deal. Glad we could help. Enjoy the Supra. :bowrofl:

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i was really thinking about a
348 TS ferrari,

but the ferrari owners said

...if you're used to maintenance free Supra's
(and cheap fixes and parts)
maybe the ferrari isn't for you because
the 348 AND 355 have alot of quirks and issues,
NONE are cheap to fix....

so i'm back to Supra or NSX

for my garage queen - i'm done swapping cars all the time -
it's a damn headache.

the NSX looks so damn exotic for the money and
the high RPM redline is so cool.

TRUE, it doesn't really haul balls that much...

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The reasons I would choose the Supra over the NSX because of its exotic looks and its monster power it can make.
Supra you cant go wrong unless power is meaningless to you.

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I say the Supra. The NSX is just looks. All that exoticness and no big HP to back it up. The Supra's design is timeless. Easily modified and will last. It also has the legendary 2JZGTE. The NSX has what engine again??? :D

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maybe NSX handles better, maybe NSX looks more exhotic...but c'mon ...unless you put a couple of turbos in it, it will be deadly beaten by an entry level Corvette C6! Since it's going to be your definitive you want this to happen for eternity? :D

I mean... with a supra you have *at least* 450 hassle-free horses! ...and a good head-turner too :cool:

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Many of the people on this board are too blinded with high HP/TQ figures... most of which is fairly unusable on the street anyways. While part of me will always be a Supra enthusiast at heart, I have realized that it is not the 'end all' of sports cars and actually falls short in more than just a few areas.

The NSX is more about being a very well balanced car though a tad overpriced for what it is. Given the choice between the two cars, I would personally lean towards the NSX. While it may not provide the same type of rush in straight line acceleration, the NSX is still no slouch. The overall 'fun to drive' factor in the NSX would be enough to sway my decision.

In any case, good luck with whatever route you decide to take! :)

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That is a tough decision...only thing I can say is try spending some driving time with them both and decide from there. There's gotta be one of them that you slightly will lean toward. ;)
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