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I'm trying to plan some serious modifications for my MKIII Supra and have a few questions.

1. What is the best, most tunable, standalone for a 2JZ-GTE?

2. Since I'm planning on building a 2JZ-GTE and don't actually have the motor, what is the best way to get my hands on a block and head and other pertinent non-performance type parts, eg. intake pieces or whatever else I might need?

3. Since I'm not confident in the ability of the MKIII's 5 spd to handle the kind of horsepower I want to make, I want to use a MKIV 6-spd. Where can I get one of these, new or used? Can they be built or reinforced? With the 6-spd I also want to have the rear end ratio that it was meant for, so I want to transplant a MKIV LSD. Basically I want to find the entire MKIV drivetrain and if I have to have a custom driveshaft or other stuff made, that's okay.

I know there are going to be people asking why I don't just modify a MKIV, so just to get that out of the way... Because I have a MKIII and not a MKIV. :D

If you have any ideas on my other plans, please let me know as well.

The eventual goal: A twin turbo 2JZ MKIII running high triple digit horsepower numbers, top speed upwards of 200 mph, Kaze Aero Craft front end and custom widebody treatment, coilovers, ~11-13" wide rear wheels (thus the widebody). All while retaining the MKIII's drivability and luxury features.

Comments and questions encouraged! :D
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