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:drool::drool::drool:SB&H Project 

I am currently building up my supra and my image is to have a low rpm spool monster with low cost and stock block and head ( SB&H) :p my target is to have a weekend fun car that can kick any super car might meet on the street… no high expectation like SLR 722 so don’t worry :0
Here are the mods:
Borg Warner ETT S366XL turbo with A/R .91
Cast manifold
38mm Precision wastegate
Greddy 3” FMIC
HKS 3.5” full exhaust
Denso 880cc injectors with cheapo rail
2 Walbro 255 LPH fuel pumps
Fuel Lab - 6an FPR
Stock cams and head
ACT 6 puck clutch
F-con V pro ECU
HKS twin power DLI
Water injection.
Up to now the estimated cost for parts is around 4000 USD because some of them are used (FMIC, exhaust and ECU). Tell me if there is anything you suggest to add and what is the expected WHP on?  no race fuel no methanol only pump gas and water injection.
For sure I will post the results once I am done with the project.
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