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Supra Smoking...

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Is it normal for a 93.5 Supra Twin turbo to smoke during start up in the morning, but then after not smoke? There are 52,000 miles on it. And if not what does that mean? White=good gray =bad
So what would cause white to come out?
and what would cause gray to come out?

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You need to replace your valve stem seals, its a common problem, not real serious but you do want to fix it.

This most probably is a valve stem seal problem, but how did they go bad with only 55k miles. If this is a car you are thinking about purchasing I would make sure there is no odometer fraud.
60K on mine

and it smokes just as he's described after it's been sitting awhile - cold start. I'm POSITIVE that there's been no odo fraud on my car but there you are - valve stem seals. I've not pulled my plugs to examine them but at this point I'm not real worried about it. any idea what the book labor figure is to replace these? I know parts are dirt cheap but I'm not sure I fancy doing ti myself ;)
maybe not

I was just tryng to say that I have only heard about bad valve seals with much higher mileage. I was probably wrong. I think with parts and labor it should be anywhere form $600 to $1000 or even more. Some places do the job with the head on others take the head off. That why there could be a big difference in labor, as we all know ppulling the head is a bitch with stock twins!:D
i have seen supras with only 45,00o smoke also!
The smoke that comes out of the car has a blueish tint to it, does that still mean the valve seals.. stems??
yes the slight bluish tint indicates oil, which could be the small amount of oil slipping through the valve guides.
So is it a extremly bad thing that it smokes a little on the first start in the morning then stops after that?
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