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Some guy wants me to run him after he installs his mysterious bolt ons. I've personally never run a bike so I'm not sure what to expect. Supra is on ProEFI, [email protected] 23 psi and e85 stock long block and a .91 a/r. I'm guessing 500-575 territory. I dynoed 420 on pump and 17 psi with a piggy back before ProEFI.

Opinions? I know there's not a lot of info.

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Okay so lets assume
Your car weighs ~3400lbs
Making 570whp
Your power to weight ratio comes out to ~.17 hp per pound

The 636 wet is about 454bs, + driver at 180lbs its at 634lbs
power wise dynos show about ~102whp
We will say with power commander and exhaust 125whp
At that info its about ~.20 hp per pound

so you at .17 and the bike at .20
its not a stretch
However, if he has sprockets and such, then it can be a whole other ball game at the low speeds.
High speeds you will catch up regardless

Without actually having raced a 636 or knowing anyone who has, that would be the best info I can come up with

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Well, according to Sport Rider Magazine, 636's can trap from 125-134 in a quarter mile depending on the year. That is stock. I have raced a cbr 600rr and a 636 when I was at 615whp on street tires from a 55-60 roll and beat them both pretty handily. I would not say that either of these riders were above average from my observations. The rider makes all the difference when it comes to racing bikes.

My guess would be that if the guy can ride well you will probably lose, if not it will be close. Race him and let us know how it goes! :bigthumb:
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