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My clutch seems to slip when gets hot, especially if I turn up boost. My car has under 25 k miles, never driven hard until upgrades one month ago. Only have basic upgrades(bcon,dp,ex,int,fcd) So my question is...Do I need to upgrade the stock clutch to handle HP difference? Thanks, Bobby.

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at BPU you can eat a clutch in 20K EZ, in 10K EZ if you drive hard.

YES you upgrade the stock clutch to handle HP difference.

I have had good luck with:
Advanced Clutch Technologies Clutch Kits Twin Turbo
Heavy Duty Pressure Plate / Stock Disk
This clutch is rated to hold up to 588 foot pounds of torque without slipping & while being EXTREMELY streetable for $579

call Chris from at cell: (503) 891-8995 he is vary good with clutch stuff.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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