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Supra won't start!

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After holding down the clutch and turning the ignition, the car only makes this clicking noise... the engine won't start at all... Anyone have any ideas on why it's doing this? Could it be because the car is low on battery? I'll try jumping the car tommorrow...
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My friend had this problem about a month ago on his auto supra. His battery was going dead because the alternator wasn't recharging it. It clicked a few times then after the battery was jumped it would start. He took it to Mike Swientek (sp) and he was able to fix it. This is probably what is happening to you. Just get a new alternator from Toyota.


Check your battery first!
Your battery may not work anymore or got completely drained. Take it to an auto store and they will check it for free. Batteries cost a lot less than alternators.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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