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Discussion Starter #1 (Edited) ROTM / SIV (Supras In Vegas) Contest


I'll keep this short and sweet. Follow all rules below, there aren't many but its specific. If you have nothing beneficial to add, don't. Keep the thread to photo submissions. You can upload the pics with the crappy forum photo software or more preferably use or or Photobucket if you want to give those nazi's your money.

The Prizes:

1st Prize – The first prize winner will win a VIP Package. (Includes SIV event registration/entry fee, BBQ dinner, and an event t-shirt)

2rd Prize - The second prize winner will have their entrance fee to attend the event paid for. (includes event registration and event t-shirt)

3rd Prize – The third prize winner will win an event t-shirt.

The obvious:

-Post ONE (1) Photo, your best photo, your sexiest photo. (of your car)
- If you aren't going to SIV you can't collect anything other than the T-shirt
- This will run for a week to gather submissions, a top 10 will be formed and voted on the following week for a winner. That will run another week and a winner with the most votes will be chosen.
- Cross promote this on facebook/instagram or whatever and lead people back to this thread to post. Only forum members can submit and vote.
-Winner will have their vehicle added to the front page rotation and stickied as RIDE OF THE MONTH

This was made possible by the Admin/Moderation team and the site owners, Vertical Scope (they generously donated the prizes)

If you have any questions please PM me.

Thank you and good luck!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.