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Suspension Options

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I want to upgrade my stock suspension setup.

I know my choices are to go with a shock/spring setup or a coilover setup. I was leaning towards coilovers because they seem to be ride-adjustable, so it would be closer to stock ride, but improvement in handling and cornering. However, my mechanic told me that I would be best off going with a shock/spring setup since I dont roadrace often (actually, at all). He said that it would give good results but a coilover setup wouldn't be worth the extra cost.

I just dont want the ride to be too firm where i feel every single bump on the road. I live in the Northeast, so the roads here aren't the greatest, especially after the winter season when the roads were blasted with salt.

Should I go with coilovers or shock/springs? If I were to go with shocks/springs setup, what kind of shocks and what kind of springs? I've heard Eibach for springs and KYB or Bilstein for shocks.

Thanks in advance guys.
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Anyone? Please?
I don't think you could go wrong with the Eibach springs and KYB AGX shocks. The KYB's are ajustable while still mounted on the car, and can be set from a soft (stock) to road race hard. The TRD sway bars are also used by some and don't forget strut tower braces if you haven't already installed some.
If you want to go max tire size, go with coilovers with a mild spring rate. The HKS, Tien and Ground Control (especially) coilovers are certainly a compromise ride - I don't think you'd like them if you didn't do occasional track driving. You could order a coilover setup with spring rates around 500 front and 350 rear, for example, and have a great street ride with better performance than Eibach springs, in my opinion. If money is a big issue, the Eibachs and KYBs are hard to beat if you don't run on the track. You'll find the Eibachs too soft for track use, plus too low in front. Koni makes a good street shock but they are not adjustable unless you pull the suspension off.

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