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I want to upgrade my stock suspension setup.

I know my choices are to go with a shock/spring setup or a coilover setup. I was leaning towards coilovers because they seem to be ride-adjustable, so it would be closer to stock ride, but improvement in handling and cornering. However, my mechanic told me that I would be best off going with a shock/spring setup since I dont roadrace often (actually, at all). He said that it would give good results but a coilover setup wouldn't be worth the extra cost.

I just dont want the ride to be too firm where i feel every single bump on the road. I live in the Northeast, so the roads here aren't the greatest, especially after the winter season when the roads were blasted with salt.

Should I go with coilovers or shock/springs? If I were to go with shocks/springs setup, what kind of shocks and what kind of springs? I've heard Eibach for springs and KYB or Bilstein for shocks.

Thanks in advance guys.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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