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I have N/A 93 supra and I need new suspension kit. which company would you guys recomend? where should I buy?
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Alot of guys like KYB shocks and Eibach springs as a basic replacement step up. What do you want out of the suspension?
I want suspension so I could munch on turns. Take sharp turns.
You could always go with a set of Tien coilovers. Lot's of Supraguys use those and I have heard they have a large range of adjustment, from nice and soft to very firm + height adjustability. Don't ask me how much they are, go to, or and look for your self.
I have TRD suspension package on mine. I'm very happy with the performence but I don't like how front sits little bit lower then the rear. Is there a way to fix this?
Anyway, I'll like to try Tein or HKS coilover on my next Supra. By the way, I belive HKS coilover's on sale at MVP.

What about bilstein? They are goood, but I heard it's too hard and too bumpy on the turns.
Some people told me that I should get shocks and struts and springs from HKS.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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