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well, i finally finished the install. here's the final pix:

a few notes:
-the strut tower X isn't part of their "8" pt kit, i added that
-the rear down bars were too short, so i added the cross bar on the floor.
-estimated total weight of the all the parts is around 130 lbs :(
-yes i will be putting the interior pieces back in. if i leave them out that puts me in a prepared class for autox, no thanks!
-the trick to welding the top of the hoop is to tack it all in place and then walk it forward.....and then hop you have a sunroof you can weld through. ;)
-yes, the driver's side door bar interferes w/the door. why? because i wanted to give myself the most room possible, so i moved the floor mount out as far as i could w/o welding in the wiring harness.
-yes, i'll be painting the cage soon.

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I like it a lot, nice work, makes me want to put one in, but I dont want the extra 130lbs, besides I dont think I'll be running under 11.50 by the time the truck comes to life.

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damn, htats madd tyte JDM yo!!!!

good work. that thing looks pretty damn nice. thats a decent bead you have in the one pic... is that th enicest bead of them all ;)

now, once you get it all back together, take some pics of the car straddling a culvert or something with the 2 opposite wheels in the air
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