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Sorry about Joe, he gets cranky at night

For pre89 you'll need new motor mounts

1JZ Motor mount adapter brackets
These custom made brackets allow you to drop in a 1JZ or 2JZ into your pre '89 MKIII Supra, without swapping crossmembers. The brackets are made from 3/16 steel plate, built to withstand any amount of horsepower you can throw at them. They allow use of your pre '89 crossmember and the older, square-style motor mounts that are a lot stronger than the +'89 round-style mounts. Included are new, shorter bolts to attach the brackets to the engine block. Prices include shipping within Canada or USA. Price $175 Shipped

You'll also need a new koyo radiator to adapt for the hydrofan (No clutch fan on 1jz), new gaskets, timing belt, little stuff. Everything can be found at, real helpful guys there.

The wiring harness needs to be extended (Since the engine is meant for RHD)

And the rest can be found just by browsing this section.

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aight cool thanks alot for the help
and sorry for the queston; it's just these summer jobs... i wake up go to work come come for 1 hour and go to the next job, but at the same time i have only 2 days to get the engine info in... it crazy!

o yea i do sneak on my bosses computer when he be leaving though... he he

but thanks again.
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