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Swap Steering Wheel?

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I try to swap '98 Supra's steering wheel into my '97...Do you
guy think will it fit???
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It should fit just fine. There are two Torx screws on the side (underneath small removable plastic covers) that release the airbag module. Then a large nut (19mm?) to release the wheel. Be careful not to damage the yellow airbag connectors, and always disconnect the battery before starting the job.

Thanks for your help...

mkivowner said:
I try to swap '98 Supra's steering wheel into my '97...Do you
guys think will it fit???
All years are interchangeable.{as in physically fitting}

But here are the problems:

The air bag spiral cable different on 98 only{small plug}93.5-97{large plug}.

The spiral cables are not interchangeable ie:swapping the 98 spiral cable into 93.5-97 cars,to get the 98 wheel to work.Or using a 93.5-97 spiral cable to get the TRD STEERING WHEEL to work in a 98.

The same applies to the TRD JAPAN STEERING WHEEL.This wheel will PLUG into the 93.5-97 cars,not PLUG into a 98 car.

In order to get the 98 steering wheel into the 93.5-97 cars you have to carefully CUT and SPLICE the air bag plug from your old air bag and install onto the 98 air bag.

The same applies to the TRD JAPAN STEERING WHEEL,{in a 98}CUT the plug off the 98 air bag and SPLICE onto the TRD JAPAN STEERING WHEEL air bag.

If you don't care if the air bag works or not then install wheel /air bag assy,and unplug air bag ecu.

DISCLAIMER:read all pages of SRS SYSTEM in factory repair manuel before attempting any repairs/modifications.

This post is for information purposes only.

This is based upon my own personal experences working at a Toyota dealer,and owning various years of Supra's.

The cruise control issue on the TRD STEERING WHEEL can be addressed by calling me for more info.

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Thanks for the informations...How about this, I heard some one told me the 2001/02 Celica or Corolla's steering wheel, they will
work into the '97 Supra right?
Thanks! Let me know...
Well yes and no.The celica 00-02 strg wheel is similar to the 98 supra wheel{3 spoke}.There is still the plug difference at the air bag and the squib{spiral connector}.Squibs are not interchangable.If you want to take the chance with splicing/changing plugs at the air bag I'ts up to you.The wheel will physically bolt on.Call me and let me know what you are trying/would like to do.

I do have a 98 wheel/airbag assy w/5700 miles maybe I might sell????

I'm in the process of installing the TRD JAPAN steering wheel,cruise control issue for now.Have all of the "bugs"worked out,just need some free time.

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