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Sup, guys. I have to replace some old and rusted sway bar links that I couldn't bolt completely back on after installing my Tein Flex coilovers. I am contemplating on buying a set of Titan sway bars since I am going to have the car jacked up and the links off anyways. I've read nothing but positive comments about them. I know sooner or later I'm gonna end up buying them, but I'm not sure if this is the right time. I have a few questions:

Will having stiffer sway bars affect the launch of the car when trying to get off the line? I do mostly drag racing and I don't want to sacrifice too much from a drag racing stand point to get "great" handling when I have "very good" handling now.

Do I need an alignment after installing sway bars? I am going to the alignment shop later this week, I don't want to end up going again.

Is it worth it to pay the $500 if I'm just doing spirited runs on backroads and twisties, and I don't plan on doing any road course events?

The consensus seems to be that the big ass TRD and Titan bars are A LOT better than the normal TRDs. But does that make having the normal TRDs virtually pointless since the other two are that much better and adjustable?

Thanks for any opinions.
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