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he guys, let me know what you think abou thte fesability of this. I know lots of people pull there TCS computer or the fuse. But im sure alot of people would like to have the luxury of totaly switching off TCS with out having to pop the fuse out.

here is what i was thinking.
Make a "fuse extention" so the fuse will still be inline, but run wires to the cabin and mount the switch in a hiden location so that you could hard toggle the TCS on and off. The same could be dont for the EFI 1 or 2 fuse, so all you would have to do is switch off the fuse, and you coudl reset the ecu.

ALSO. the ALDL obdII diagnostic port is in a bad place and i want to relocate it. Does anyone know where i can get bare ALDL connectors??

for switches, where can i get a switch that is covered or rather does anyone have a URL for high quality switchs?

What guage wire should i use for the Extentions? i know the wire going to the fuse box is kinda thin.
thanks in advance.
98 supta TT
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