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boost is good
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my check engine light has came on after about 30miles of driving once i installed my fuel system. i was taking my car to a local place to get the rear main seal replaced so i had them run the diagnostic codes while they were working and they told me that it came up as the O2 sensor. the guy there claimed that because of the the greddy DP mounts the o2 sensor (the O2 flange sticks up on a post about 2" tall) that it wasnt getting sufficiant exhaut flow to get an accurate reading and that was tripping the code. well the thing is that i have had the t78 install for about 2000 miles and nothin like this is happened so i asked him if it was maybe just the sensor had gone bad but he didnt think so...well anyways when i was on my way home from picking up the car, afte i drove it about 20miles (stopped at a couple stores on the way) the car suddenly starts to die, and when i give it gas it doesnt rev up, it just stumbles really bad.

well i parked and abut 3 hours later me and my friend go with a trailor to bring it to my house and i try and start it just to see and the car starts right up. it was before and is still idling bad though and the check engine light is still on.

well anyways before i go spend $150 on a new O2 sensor i just wanna make sure these are valid symptoms of it going or gone bad. so any opinions or ideas? thanx
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