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symptoms of a bad pressure tank?

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I have been having problems with the turbos not coming on first thing in the am fine later in the day the first stops spooling at 5 then the 2nd comes on then no turbos at all. Ihave checked out the actuators to the egcv and iacva they function normaly I have repalced the bov. I suspect the pressure tank and I have orderd a new one. Has anybody had similar problems and has changing the pressure tank fixed it?
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my friend has similiar problem. at sequential mode his turbos will not kick in after 5500rpm, after its full boost. we are suspecting pressure tank also. However, after we change to TTC, everything goes back to normal.
I changed my pressure tank this weekend, its a pain in the ass.
you have to take off the starter in order to access the pressure tank. I scraped my whole arm trying access the starter and taking it off. there are 2 bolts and the top bolt is hard to reach and really tight. have extra vacuum hoses ready, my hoses going into the PT were loose.
good luck
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