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I just GTeched my supra at low boost w/pump gas because I was curious how it compared to my car when it was BPU. As you can see, it's quite a bit faster, even at the same psi. Remember this is only 18-22psi, not 33, huge difference. I will GTech again at 33psi once I get some new plugs.

RPS single kit w/t61 .7 (go to for exact mods I have so far):

Conditions: 87 degrees, moderately humid, very fouled spark plugs (wouldn't go past 21-22psi, should go past 33psi), fuel system running extremely rich
(plugs turned black within 1500 miles)

1st gear: .74 g's @ 18psi

2nd gear: .67 g's @ 21psi

3rd gear: .51 g's @ 22psi

4th gear: .38 g's @ 22psi

5th gear: .23 g's @ 20psi

6th gear: .18 g's @ 20psi
1/4 mile: 11.05 sec

0-60 mph: 4.2 sec

Compare this data to the following. Keep in mind these aren't ideal comparisons because of the vast differences in temperature and humidy.


Conditions: Very cold and dry (maybe 20-30 degrees, I don't remember exactly, fuel system running moderately rich

1st gear: 0.53 g's @16psi (no traction)

2nd gear: 0.56 g's
@ 18psi
3rd gear: 0.4 g's
@ 20psi
4th gear: 0.31 g's
5th gear: 0.21 g's
6th gear: 0.16 g's
1/4 mile: 11.8 sec

0-60 mph: 4.6 sec

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Here, compare my '91 celica to my supra (above), hehe:

1st gear: 0.30 g's
2nd gear: 0.16 g's
3rd gear: 0.08 g's
4th gear: 0.05 g's
1/4 mile: 20.10 sec
0-60 mph: 11.99

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These G-tech Pro Competitions are very cool. You can actually download the data into the computer and display results. For those wondering what that might look like, here's the actual graph that the G-tech Pro Competition displays on the computer for Gs. The car tested was a stock 2003 Porsche 996 turbo X50.

Gs 2003 996 turbo X50

Here's a speed comparison graph. You can actually compare up to four cars at a time.

1993 Rx-7(modified 11psi) vs. 2003 996 turbo X50(stock)

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UpInTheLex4 said:
Porsche hauls ass

I owned an old G-tech, besides this, what are other benefits to the new one?

-Actually nevermind. I had to edit the post. I just went to the website and bought one. Can't wait to get it.
Right on bud. I'm glad you got the new meter. They rock! Be sure to take the time to read through the 170 page manual. LOL It's tough when you get it because you're so excited to get out and do a run, but the calibration is very important. It will explain all in the manual.

It would be really cool to see more people have these so test files could be exchanged over the internet as comparative data. One person can send a file to another person and then the G-tech software allows the user to display the multiple files comparatively. Screen shots are easily taken too. This allows forum display of runs. :)

I have the old G-tech too. The new meter blows it away. I wanted to share the things I can think of that the meter does for others. Hopefully this will stimulate people to get the unit. A G-tech Pro forum has been put together.

G-tech Pro forums

Some advantages I can think of for the new G-tech Pro Competition include.

it is self leveling

it has 3 higher quality accelerometers, more accurate

the accelerometers are temperature compensated

you get the ability to set the rollout between 0 and 16 inches

the meter reads 60 ft time, 330 ft time, 1/8 mile time and speed, 1000 ft time, 1/4 mile time and speed, rollout time related to distance, 0-30 time, 0-40 time, 0-50 time, 0-60 time, 0-70 time, 0-80 time, 0-90 time, 0-100 time, 0-110 time, 0-120 time, 0-130 time, then for braking times all the same X to 0 times in the other direction

You also get 30-50 time, 40-60 time, 50-70 time, 60-80 time, 0-60-0 time, 0-100-0 time, 0-max speed-0 time

The charts include, HP and TQ vs RPM, HP vs time, RPM, Speed, Gs, Distance and Braking.

The meter stores multiple the runs in the actual unit.

The meter stores in memory configuration for up to 4 vehicles. Configuration includes things such as rpm calibration, weight of vehicle, vehicle name. This way all you have to do to switch vehicles is change from one to the next.

A very thorough manual highlighting all the questions and concerns which might come up.

Updates of firmware and software on line which enhance features.

The windshield mount is rock solid with a screw type design which draws one large suction cup to adhesion.

The ability to compare up to 4 vehicles at a time on the computer. Screen shots can be taken of the computer screen with the software to have a jpg file.

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Looks like the GTech is quite optimistic. Still, I plan to get one at some point, I am a numbers freak, I can imagine staying busy for hours playing with that thing on a deserted road. :D
hahahha, im down with you on that plan if you want to pick up one of those things, lolol.


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How accurate are the hp and torque calculations?:)
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