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T61 vs T66

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Is 500+ HP obtainable with a T61 P-trim w/ .58 A/R on pump gas and stock engine? How would a T61 .58 compare to a T66 .70 P-trim in terms of spool and power? Would a .58 T66 be an option, or is that too small of a housing for the turbo?
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I wish someone knew.. I haven't seen a dynojet dyno of a T66 P trim .70 (the turbo I have, not on the car yet), but there is a .58 dyno of a T61 at Unfortunately the T61 car has not tuned, so noone knows what the a/f is.

If anyone has any info on the difference in power between .58, .70 and .81 housings I'd like to know (and if there is a big difference only at high power levels).
My old SP-60 (.58 A/R) car made 506.3 rwhp on race gas and 24 psi of boost if that helps you. It was untuned (all VPC settings were default 12 o'clock).

Steve T.
Heres a link to my T61 6spd dyno(on race gas of course) if it helps any.
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