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Take your business to Jeff Watson @ Jay Marks Toyota!!!!!

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I looked everywhere for the lowest prices on "stock stuff" for my supra. Jeff's prices are hands-down, the best out there. My local Toyota Dealerships couldn't come close to matching his prices, let alone beat them. Not to mention, everything I ordered got to me on time(3days) and it was no small order...
-new short block, timing belt, complete gasket set, etc, etc........

Anyway, I don't think it's a secret that Jeff's the man when it comes to Toyota factory parts, but I just thought I'd remind all other supra owners where to take your business!!!!
Thanks Jeff:bthumb:
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do you guys have jeff watson's contact info? i wonder if he's able to get a new stock flywheel?

i might need one, i'm changing my clutch and was recommended i get one but also possible that i might be able to dry turn one...??
how would i know if i need to get a new one or i can turn it?
20%-40% off Toyota Factory Parts!
11711 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX 77034
Ask for Jeff Watson
Tel : 1-800-327-2087
Fax : 1-713-943-8930
Ask for the Club MKIV Discount

I just bought a bunch of things from Jeff and he's a very cool guy.:D
Not only his prices r competitive,he himself is a very nice guy and a very knowlegble supra owner ;) If u have any problem with your dawg he can even give u a good hint as well. I have been buying stuff off him for my 3-toyota's for almost 2-1/2 year now.He's the man!
I have to agree, Jeff is the man! Every time I've needed a stock part for my car I just call him up, tell him what I need and its at my office 2 days later. One of the best guys I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with!
Agree with everything said about Jeff, but if you cultivate a good relationship with your local toyota parts manager, it is possible to beat Jay's prices. Not saying this can happen everywhere, but in my case I can meet or beat Jeff's prices through my local toyota. For example, I bought a Getrag tranny for only 2% over dealer cost. The trick is be assertive about getting a discount and letting them know you plan to buy lots of parts over time.
Jay Mark has great prices and Jeff is a good guy. The wrong ventilation hose got sent to me and I did not find out about it until I was already into the repair, so I made the wrong part work. I called Jeff to tell him about it and didn't ask for my money back because I did open the part (wrong one) that was sent. Without me asking and me not knowing he sent the right hoses to me at no charge.That is the kind of person I like to deal with.
Barry H. 94ttsupra:)
Not to mention that Jeff Watson is very knowledgable about high performance and Supras. He's been most helpful to me about brake design and what mods work.

After all, he races a MKIV in SCCA ITE, though he just got bumped up to SCCA Super Production.
I took xcelr8 advice and tried to talk to the part manager at my local toyo dealer about me buying a lot of parts and would rather spend money locally, etc. The answer was no can do. The guy was nice about it but hey I will continue ordering from Jay Mark. It didn't hurt to ask did it.
Barry H.
It was worth a try. I started out by getting smaller discounts and once I had bought enough so they knew I was a more frequent buyer and had established more of a personal relationship with the manager, I got the bigger discounts. The other thing that might of helped is the parts manager was responsible for putting on some events at the local toyota and was interested in getting me to show up with the supras.

I still do get some parts with Jeff, things like coil pack connectors, because he always keeps the high traffic parts in stock and there's no fumbling around trying to figure out just what part I need over the phone (he knows). In addition, because he is a fellow supra owner he is very helpful in steering you to the right parts. Finally, I have used Jeff's prices in beating the local dealer down to the level I need. Thanks Jeff! :D
Well, I do find better deal from Steve @ Sandy Spring Toyota here in Atlanta when I ordered my parts. But I don't think they are doing business nationwide like Jay Marks... However, if you are in Atlanta area, go to Sandy Spring Toyota and Steve will give you the best price on Toyota parts. :D
Hey XCELR8, how much did you get your transmission for if you dont mind me asking? I might need one in a little while.....

R5-Turbo said:
Hey XCELR8, how much did you get your transmission for if you dont mind me asking? I might need one in a little while.....
Thanks for the reply XCELR8. Thats a damn good price. I wonder if jeff would be able to get close to that price. I guess i'll find out soon enough.....
I used Jeff's price as the price to beat with my local parts guys. He got some flak for selling it at that price.
What happened to your old transmission that caused you to replace it? Also, what was jeff's price?
Jeff Watson is THE MAN.

2nd gear synchro started going on it.

R5-Turbo said:
What happened to your old transmission that caused you to replace it? Also, what was jeff's price?
I cant seem to get my problem diagnosed. When i move the shift lever out of center and i'm just where you feel resistance( in putting it into first) i hear (and feel) a thud. Also, when driving at steady state and then backing off the gas slightly, i hear the same thing, a "thud. The car shifts fine(6 spd) and it only has 63k miles. I've had a Dealer look at it and i think they just want to sell me a new transmission. Any ideas on what it could be???
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