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i need to take the interior behind the doors out of my car because i have a leak and dont know where it is coming from. it is leaking in behind all the plastic. pics or steps on what people took out in what order woudl be great. also, what is the best way to remove the dash becuase i might have a new one to go in since my defrost vents on the dash are split. thanks.

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The things behind the doors:

Take out upper section of rear seat.
Pop off the cloth portion of the plastic (pull front up, slide toward front of car)
Take out about 6 screws
Take it off

The dash:

Take out front seats
Remove steering wheel
Remove Shifter and Center Console
Take off both kick panels
take out gauge cluster
search for about 8 10mm screws along the top
detach all vents and wires that are clipped to the dash
pull toward back of car
carefully remove

both items are pretty easy to remove, dash swap will take about 3-4 hours if you are by yourself.
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